Friday, December 3, 2010

Showing Off

See, this is why you need to hang out at the guitar shop all day. About once a week or so somebody brings something in just to show off. Case in point: this amp, a Fender "Pro-amp" that the owner dates to 1953. 53? Where's the tweed? What's with the funky diamond pattern tolex? Gee, I dunno - I plugged our '59 Jazzmaster into it and from then on I was too busy drooling to nitpick.

I gathered that the current owner acquired this baby in a swap a long time ago, but I didn't hear the whole story of why it isn't a conventional tweed amp. It certainly isn't a blond, brown, or blackface, either, so I'm stumped. For all I know this was a one-off, a custom job, or some kind of prototype that's worth more than my kidneys.

I think it melts Nazis, too.

Tolex mysteries aside, this thing is sweet. Dig the "Mic" inputs next to the instrument inputs! I think that these things were designed to power whole bands full of hillbilly boogie cats back in the day - guitar, bass, singer - hell, that drummer don't need his own microphone! What are you, crazy? Yep, this is another piece out of history, from a different place and time. And even though this one isn't "ours," I think its well worth sharing. The same guy that owns this has quite a stash, so hopefully I'll have another chance to post a few more pieces soon..

In other store news - check out our raffle this month! Buy a $5 ticket and this PRS SE could be yours come Christmas Eve. A great surprise present for your favorite guitarist (or aspiring guitarist). Right now your odds are pretty good, and really, for five bucks, how could you go wrong?