Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'68 Kalamazoo KG-1

Here's another vintage piece that's under the radar for most folks. Though it's unassuming appearance suggests a cheap off-brand SG, that's not quite right - come on, who else makes guitars in Kalamazoo, Michigan? Yes, Kalamazoo was actually the name of Gibson's budget line back in the 60s. But while this guitar hasn't reached the status of a Les Paul, Jr. or a Melody Maker, this is still a vintage American-made guitar, albeit one with a bolt-on neck and single-coil pickup, both of which contribute heavily to the Mustang-esque sound that issues forth from this very Gibson-looking body shape.

Note the old-school "burn-in" logo on the headstock.

The body is made out of MDF - or "Medium Density Fiberboard" - which is super, super light, though not without a surprising amount of life and resonance. All told, this guitar plays very smooth and clean - especially compared to other "budget" electrics of the sixties!