Sunday, November 17, 2013

Now that's my kind of girl

This one should probably be posted closer to Valentine's Day, but I just couldn't wait.  

1969.  Girl (awesome girl) buys her boyfriend a new bass.  Not just a regular 'ole bass.....a Gibson.  

Thankfully, the fella had enough foresight to keep this bass over the years without modifying it or trading it off for something "new" during the 80s.  Hats off to preserving American history.  

Sadly, I forgot to shoot a photo of all the angles and parts; even the endpin that allows you to play it as a stand up has been retained.  

100% percent, collector quality, untouched, yada yada.  It's just plain cool!!

Really glad this guy has preserved his EB1 so well. I strongly encouraged him to keep it and not hock it on fleaBay.  However, if the need arises I would be first in line with a fistful of casharoo. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tele part 2 - this one is for sale

No doubt we are in Tele country. It may be a global thing for all I know.  Suffice to say there are more requests for Telecasters than anything in my shop.  I probably couldn't give away a Strat owned by Clapton as easy as selling a MIM Tele.  Ok, enough of that and on to the guitar at hand.  

Very, very clean "stashed away" Telecaster that has been owned by a guitar lover for the last several years.  Bought at a farm party in Texas when it was just a "used guitar", not yet vintage.  Lovingly cared for over the years and it shows.  

All original parts -- except the strings.  Minor play wear only.   Too clean for some, not clean enough for the others.  No arguing the authenticity of a guitar with a few dings and a little buckle rash. 

Experts will immediately proclaim, "That's a lefty case!"   Although that is true, I will remind the sticklers that when it was new they were probably happy to be selling a guitar and grabbed what they had.  Maybe the guy who bought it originally got $2 off for the case being a lefty. 

In addition to this very clean '78 , there are at least three other vintage Teles in the shop right now - I also sell other types of vintage guitars.  Come by or fly into town and pick one out --- 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Another one that shows you should never give up the hunt

This one was recently scored by a customer and friend of the shop.  The "story" is relatively short because it was offered as payment of a debt and then put up on the inner-web for an undisclosed sum.  What we are certain of is that it is almost everyone's dream of finding something like this at a price that doesn't require forfeiture of a kidney or a second mortgage on your mom's trailer.  

Eagle eyed followers probably already know......

Yep - lucky fella found a '55 Tele .....with the case, no less!

Ya, it's got a few missing parts and a few extra holes, but WHO CARES!!!!! It's a '55 Tele!

I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen 50s Teles at shows and in the mega stores.

Not for sale.  No reason to email me in 3 years asking if I still have it......the guy who scored it realizes it's a once in a lifetime chance to have something like this.  He's lucky he beat me to it ---- Mike

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PreCBS Princeton

If you have gone through the Marshall Class Vs and Fender Blues Jrs, do yourself a favor and check out some flavor.   

While we are admiring the beauty of simplicity, I have a query.   This amp has 1960 pots, transformer, and speaker.....guess it was built with old inventory parts??? 

The plastic coated transformer leads are a mystery as well.  Regardless of all the details ---- this little amp rocks!!!  

All you need here is three chords and good quality cable.  

Btw - there's piles of stuff like this in my store.......if anyone's interested in non-GC items --- thanks for reading my blog, Goe

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hofner 12 string 'lectric

Weather checking, moved strap buttons, and a joy to tune.  Get by the quirks and this is a truly unique factory made electric acoustic 12 string.  Check out how that pickup mounts - maybe it was mounted before they started gluing pieces together?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Harmony Fender

What? Harmony made Fender from 1970.  Maybe sovereign?  Chunky neck and no pickup......the way an acoustic should.....well, I don't want to set off a debate about acoustic pickups - or lack of.