Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's that time of the year again....

Uke, uke, Ukuleke....
Tattooed Concert

Group photo 

Geared tuners and actual wood....dig the pineapple uke (on the right)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Inventory Update

Current guitars in the shop listed under the inventory page.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Even though it's a guitar shop....

I do occasionally buy non-guitar stuff.  Rarely, but every once in a while I will buy something just because it's prewar or uncommon.  This one is from the mandolin family.  It is branded Wurlitzer.  Yes, the jukebox company.  Over the years Wurlitzer has offered many products including pianos, organs, and guitars.  If anyone has an old Wurlitzer acoustic, I'm a buyer.   
This mandolin is for sale - $399

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Toronado, not Tornado

2002 Fender Toronado in Graffiti Yellow. Previous owner added a graphite nut, saddles, and string trees.  He also added some chips to the body.  Kinda like a jazzmaster with a string thru bridge - no trem.  Stays in tune great and the factory "Atomic" humbuckers sound great clean, dirty, or in between.  This one is currently for sale - $499.  Call 8642320005

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Now that's my kind of girl

This one should probably be posted closer to Valentine's Day, but I just couldn't wait.  

1969.  Girl (awesome girl) buys her boyfriend a new bass.  Not just a regular 'ole bass.....a Gibson.  

Thankfully, the fella had enough foresight to keep this bass over the years without modifying it or trading it off for something "new" during the 80s.  Hats off to preserving American history.  

Sadly, I forgot to shoot a photo of all the angles and parts; even the endpin that allows you to play it as a stand up has been retained.  

100% percent, collector quality, untouched, yada yada.  It's just plain cool!!

Really glad this guy has preserved his EB1 so well. I strongly encouraged him to keep it and not hock it on fleaBay.  However, if the need arises I would be first in line with a fistful of casharoo. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tele part 2 - this one is for sale

No doubt we are in Tele country. It may be a global thing for all I know.  Suffice to say there are more requests for Telecasters than anything in my shop.  I probably couldn't give away a Strat owned by Clapton as easy as selling a MIM Tele.  Ok, enough of that and on to the guitar at hand.  

Very, very clean "stashed away" Telecaster that has been owned by a guitar lover for the last several years.  Bought at a farm party in Texas when it was just a "used guitar", not yet vintage.  Lovingly cared for over the years and it shows.  

All original parts -- except the strings.  Minor play wear only.   Too clean for some, not clean enough for the others.  No arguing the authenticity of a guitar with a few dings and a little buckle rash. 

Experts will immediately proclaim, "That's a lefty case!"   Although that is true, I will remind the sticklers that when it was new they were probably happy to be selling a guitar and grabbed what they had.  Maybe the guy who bought it originally got $2 off for the case being a lefty. 

In addition to this very clean '78 , there are at least three other vintage Teles in the shop right now - I also sell other types of vintage guitars.  Come by or fly into town and pick one out ---