Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vox Spitfire

Here's another vintage find - a 1966 Vox Spitfire.  Looking not unlike a Stratocaster that's been melted down by Salvador Dali, this Eko-built beauty definately stands out.  Also in the the picture :  yet another Silvertone Twin Twelve and a Montgomery Ward-branded "mystery amp" that seems to have been originally designed as a PA head.  Plug a guitar into it, though, and it produces tough, sinewy overdrive that would make all but the stubbornest Marshall geeks smile.

With three clangy/twangy single-coils pickups and a super-springy tremelo, this Italian-made gem is a killer surf guitar.  All original knobs, hardware, and electrtonics.  Note that we've also got the snazzy original hard case, with its shag carpet-esque interior.