Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cort Doubleneck

We got this one in the other day.  A Japanese-built Cort double neck with a funky natural/stripey finish that can only have come from the twilight of the disco era.  This thing is massive!  A coffee table with strings!  Actually, the weight and bulk aren't so bad, given that it's a doubleneck, and both necks are quite comfortable to play.  

Opening up the back compartment for the 12-string side reveals a 9-volt battery, which means it has an active pickup system.  I'm not entirely sure, though, if the active electronics are in both sides or just the 12-string side.  In any case, both sets of pickups have a more-than-robust output, capable of going from "chimey" to "blistering" and hitting all the good spots in-between.  It can also produce a wall of spooky, synth-like noise - just strum the 12-string neck while the pickups are on for the 6-string neck (or vice versa), and listen as the strings ring out with sympathetic vibrations.  Neat!


  1. Hi, this is Juan and I got a Cort double neck with the wiring out of place. I wonder if you still have your guitar and can send me some pics of the wiring. That is going to help me to fix this guitar and would be eternally thankfully to you!

    1. Hello,

      I have the same guitar, and need wiring help also. Did you ever get it figured out? Please email me if you can help. Thanks!

  2. I had one of these many years ago, early 90s. Yes, the active electronics were for both necks. It was more of a built-in pre amp, kind of like McLaughlin's Rex Bogue. Actually, it had lots of output due to the preamp. I wish I still had it today, never since have I seen another one.

  3. I found one of these sitting in the back of my old man's car ... what a sad sight that was. I'm going to take it into a guitar store to see if it's fixable.

  4. I have one of these...bought it @ the House of Guitars in Rochester, NY back in the early '80s. The preamp built-into the guitar is like having a tube-screamer @ your fingertips. Brass nuts on the 12 & the 6. You know what? I'm gonna take it & get it setup asap...great looking & sounding guitar!