Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cort Doubleneck

We got this one in the other day.  A Japanese-built Cort double neck with a funky natural/stripey finish that can only have come from the twilight of the disco era.  This thing is massive!  A coffee table with strings!  Actually, the weight and bulk aren't so bad, given that it's a doubleneck, and both necks are quite comfortable to play.  

Opening up the back compartment for the 12-string side reveals a 9-volt battery, which means it has an active pickup system.  I'm not entirely sure, though, if the active electronics are in both sides or just the 12-string side.  In any case, both sets of pickups have a more-than-robust output, capable of going from "chimey" to "blistering" and hitting all the good spots in-between.  It can also produce a wall of spooky, synth-like noise - just strum the 12-string neck while the pickups are on for the 6-string neck (or vice versa), and listen as the strings ring out with sympathetic vibrations.  Neat!