Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gibson Custom Shop ES-339

Here's a gorgeous red Gibson Custom Shop ES-339 that we've recently acquired.  The spiel on the 339 is that it has a smaller body about the size of a Les Paul, but is semi-hollow with a center block just like its older sibling, the ES-335.  For anybody that finds themselves overwhelmed by a regular semi-hollowbody, this guitar is a dream come true.

Gee, you got a purty finish
The 339 comes with '57 Classic humbuckers, and can pump out all the thick, singing lead tones of the 335. Gibson also touts the "Memphis Tone Circuit," which is supposed to let you work the guitar's volume knob without losing any of that sweetness in the treble frequencies.  All in all, a versatile instrument with super-classy looks.