Friday, February 11, 2011

National Lap Steel & Supro Amp

Behold:  A National Lap Steel and another wailing little Supro Combo.  The Lap Steel is a "Dynamic" model, and it sports a killer Art-Deco look.  I'm not sure of the exact model on the Supro, but I do know that the sounds that pour forth from it's 6 inch speaker and single volume knob are some of the thickest you're gonna hear.

Lap steels are pretty basic - no frets, no neck issues, and no worrying about the "action" of the strings.  It's basically a plank of wood with strings and a pickup, but that austerity just seems to have pushed the manufacturers of the 40s and 50s to work in every hip design element they could think of, and this Empire State-esque Dynamic model is a shining example.


Also, just to let everybody in the area know - we're going to be at the South Carolina Guitar Show in Spartanburg this year.  The show is the weekend of March 5 & 6th, and we'll have a booth for the store to sell, swap, and show off all of our coolest finds.  Come check it out!