Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tele part 2 - this one is for sale

No doubt we are in Tele country. It may be a global thing for all I know.  Suffice to say there are more requests for Telecasters than anything in my shop.  I probably couldn't give away a Strat owned by Clapton as easy as selling a MIM Tele.  Ok, enough of that and on to the guitar at hand.  

Very, very clean "stashed away" Telecaster that has been owned by a guitar lover for the last several years.  Bought at a farm party in Texas when it was just a "used guitar", not yet vintage.  Lovingly cared for over the years and it shows.  

All original parts -- except the strings.  Minor play wear only.   Too clean for some, not clean enough for the others.  No arguing the authenticity of a guitar with a few dings and a little buckle rash. 

Experts will immediately proclaim, "That's a lefty case!"   Although that is true, I will remind the sticklers that when it was new they were probably happy to be selling a guitar and grabbed what they had.  Maybe the guy who bought it originally got $2 off for the case being a lefty. 

In addition to this very clean '78 , there are at least three other vintage Teles in the shop right now - I also sell other types of vintage guitars.  Come by or fly into town and pick one out ---