Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PreCBS Princeton

If you have gone through the Marshall Class Vs and Fender Blues Jrs, do yourself a favor and check out some flavor.   

While we are admiring the beauty of simplicity, I have a query.   This amp has 1960 pots, transformer, and speaker.....guess it was built with old inventory parts??? 

The plastic coated transformer leads are a mystery as well.  Regardless of all the details ---- this little amp rocks!!!  

All you need here is three chords and good quality cable.  

Btw - there's piles of stuff like this in my store.......if anyone's interested in non-GC items --- thanks for reading my blog, Goe


  1. here at I love to see your work on old amps and stuff. Can I use some of your pics?
    Thanks in advance, Matt.

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