Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gibson SG Jr and Tweed Fender Champ

A few people were in today just sharing - here's a 1964 Gibson SG Jr.  The guy said it was given to him by his grandfather.  It has some age on it - if you tilt the neck just so you can see a little greenish patina along the frets.  Still, it played pretty good, with a nice, comfortably worn neck.

Sadly, though, the Bigsby vibrato had been dismantled somewhere along the line.  I guess most players just don't dig a vibrato on an SG, though I've personally always thought an SG and a Bigsby go together like peaches and cream.  That single P-90 still sounds fat and sweet, though.   

Here's a 1954 Fender Champ!  Behold the mighty, mighty tweed.  A little roughed up, but miraculously intact.

 Just think, when this amp was being built, Elvis was just a poor cracker truck driver trying to break into recording and performing, Johnny Cash was an appliance salesman in Memphis, and hell, Chuck Berry had only been to prison once!

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