Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kay Flat-top, Eastwood News & More

Here's a new arrival - an old Kay Flat-top with a snazzy red finish, some cool cosmetics, and a couple of serious pick scratches! Overall, though, it's in pretty good shape for an old Kay. Still not sure of the year and model, though it's got 'N-7' stamped on the inside.

That big, bat-wing pickguard is sharp, and check out the nifty dotted binding - this thing would go great with a red & black western shirt.

That headstock badge seems to suggest that this one is a later Japanese model, but we've got to dig a little further to find out exactly which one. But if you need an acoustic with character - here you go! This one was actually part of an ongoing deal - there's more goodies where this one came from!

In other news, the Eastwood guitars have arrived! We just pulled the wrappers off tonight, and we'll be setting up and fine tuning (and playing) these babies for the next few days. But we'll really be having fun this Saturday, with an in-store demo/jam featuring local musicians giving the Eastwoods a workout. Come check it out!