Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More new arrivals

Here's a nice little duo. The guitar is a 60s Kay Vanguard - a K100 I think. The single DeArmond pickup is nice and chimey, and the headstock is the snazzy art deco version. It plays, too, in an endearingly clunky way that's great for garage-y rhythm clang. The amp is a late-60s/early-70s Harmony H500, an early solid-state amp with an appealingly scrappy sound and a sweet "rally stripe" down the grill cloth. And of course, there's a very nice silverface Super Reverb in there, too - but hey, let's get a closer look at that rally stripe...

And that nifty headstock badge...

These two are rude and funky enough to get you run out of Tone Town on a rail, but that's okay. They're also enough to make Jack White turn Pea-Green with envy.

And on that note - Happy Turkey Day, everybody! See you on Black Friday!

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