Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mid-60s Harmony Bobkat

Here's another cool one. It's a Harmony Bobkat H14 from the 60s. Note the sweet and highly desirable DeArmond "gold foil" pickup, which cranks out a surprisingly thick sound for such an unassuming little guitar. It also has a switch to bypass the tone and volume knobs, because apparently the pickup looked lonely all by itself in the middle of the guitar. This is one of a few pieces we have on consignment from my friend Mike McMillan, who owns the Sunshine Cycle Shop here in Greenville. Mike says he had to do a little re-wiring when he got it, but now it's in fantastic condition, especially for a guitar that would have been considered a "budget" model back in the 60s. This thing plays great and sounds amazing, and is waiting patiently for the chance to be the secret weapon in somebody's guitar arsenal (or "guitar-senal," if you prefer). Stop by and check this one out!