Thursday, October 28, 2010

Los Tres Twangueros

Here's a good shot of a couple of different pieces we have. That's a 90s-era Danelectro U2 re-issue up front, and yes, that's a P-90 in the bridge position. This is another guitar we have on consignment from my friend Mike McMillan, and it's also one of my favorites. The P-90 sounds about as greasy as you'd expect sitting on top of that glorious, glorious Masonite, and the fact that it's wired out-of-phase with the lipstick pickup just adds to the freak factor. Like most Danos, this guitar is a nasty, nasty choice for blues, but the mods really push it to a new level. If a battered old Cadillac hearse ever pulls up in front of your house with Tom Waits at the wheel, THIS is the guitar you want to grab when he rolls down the window and yells, "let's jam!"

Everyone will envy you as you both drive off into the sunset, laughing manically.

Behind that, we've got two Telecasters - the Tele with the dark wine finish is a totally solid "mexi-caster," and the one with the burst is an American standard with EMG active pickups. It's a cool guitar, but my boss says we need to swap that mirrored pick guard for tortoiseshell...

This is the Gibson amp that you can see off to the left in the first photo. It's a "Falcon" combo from 1964, and even though we acquired it with the reverb tank missing in action, it still sounds fantastic. These old Gibson tube-amps have vibe to spare, but they can still be had for a song when compared to the Fender amps of the same era.

Hopefully we can take some videos sometime so everybody can actually hear this stuff. Maybe next time...