Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Amp Sale - offical pricing

The Amp Sale pricing has just been updated on the inventory page.  Call, email, message me with any questions or for pictures and a deal on multiples.  Here are a few with pictures, complete list on the invetory page of this site.

Alamo Paragon Special -- rare 60s all tube bass amp with a 15 that makes a great guitar amp....supro thunderbolt...

Minty Ampeg half stack - 50 watt all tube and sounds grrrrreat

Rough, rough Ampeg Reverberocket II that has headroom for days and great reverb and trem - Yes, the plexi logo is backlit ---Red

Blues Deluxe, first issue, early 90s

Magnatone MP-1, amazing reverb!

Marshall 50 watt combo, 80s.......

Ampeg VT-40

Music Man 112RP-100, this is a monster!

Super Reverb Reissue

Gibson GA 25 (1948) 



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